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VisiWhip helps you claim the road space around your horse, encouraging other road users to slow down and give 2m distance.

The VisiWhip flags are made from rip-stop material, which makes them lightweight, weather-hardy and able to withstand brambles. The light-reflective tape ensures when inclement weather and at dawn and dusk, you have maximum impact from the reflecting light from the headlights of vehicles.

The VisiWhip flags mount easily with a velcro and clip fastening onto a dressage-style whip (available in 3 lengths)  which enables you to remove the flag when you just want to use it is a whip. If you own a dressage whip already, you only need to purchase a flag, which will clip onto your existing dressage whip. In addition, the flag and whip can be used in groundwork and Natural Horsemanship. It’s a great value 3-in-1 design saving you money and tackroom clutter.

We recommend you desensitising your horse before using the VisiWhip on the road.


The design has been piloted and developed over 6 years, and is  PATENTED. It works, I use it every time I hack out, and I can't wait for everyone else to try it!


“I am passionate about riding safely on the roads, which is why I created VisiWhip. I believe you will feel and be safer too, and you will never want to ride

on the road without it. 

Happy road hacking! “


Heather Muir 
Founder of VisiWhip


Thanks for your interest in VisiWhip. For more information, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

85 High Street, Cricklade

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