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Help and FAQ

We will put all the answers to past questions here for everyone to view; If we haven't answered your question, please contact us and we will come back to you asap.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to buy the flag, the whip or both?
The flag is designed to fit on most average schooling/ dressage whips, so if you already have a suitable long schooling whip you could just buy the VisiWhip flag to fit to your own whip. The flag is easy to attach and remove, and comes with detailed instructions.
If you don't have a suitable longer whip already, then our quality 84cm &120cm braided whips, manufactured in the UK by Vale brothers (est'd 1786), has been designed for balance and comfort. The removable toggled wristband adds security, and supports the whip being multi- purpose, it will be the most versatile, useful and used bit of kit you own. 



How to attach your VisiWhip flag:

1.We recommend that you use a hard surface to rest on when attaching your VisiWhip flag to the whip.

2.Pull back the tabs on both of the Velcro tabs on the top of the VisiWhip flag.

3.Wrap the Velcro, around your whip, ensuring you are positioning it at the bottom end of the whip and that you have a snug tight fit.

4.Take the 2 plastic clips and place over the top of the Velcro tabs and your whip – this helps to maintain the snug tight fit of theVisiWhip flag.

5.To remove the VisiWhip flag, just reverse the process above and ensure you store the clips on the flag. 

6.Remember the flag is detachable, so you can revert back to a whip whenever you want.

How do I get the product?
Order from t Visiwhip shop tab on this website. As part of the order process you can choose to have the products delivered, (for which you will be charged postage and packaging) or collect from our HQ in Cricklade, Wiltshire. 
The whips are long and awkward to post, so incur higher postage and packaging cost than just the flag. Please rest assured, we are working hard to minimise this cost by exploring cost effective P and P solutions, and establishing retailer relationships, so you can find VisiWhip in a store near you, and save on the whip postage! 

Out of stock?
If an item shows as out of stock, SORRY! We have been overwhelmed with initial demand, and are working hard to get both the flag / whip back in stock right now. You can contact us to find out expected availability before pre-ordering. As the business settles a bit we will be able to judge demand and manage stock accurately. Apologies for any delays in the meantime.

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