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 "I have ridden out a few times with the visiwhip now. My horse had no issues whatsoever accepting it and i have definitely noticed drivers slowing down considerably more and giving more space when passing.  To my surprise, i even had a few cars actually stop whilst i rode past on narrower roads which is something i have never experienced before." Isobel J 2/11/23

" Thank you for my order of 3 visiwhips - one for myself and the other two for my nieces. I just wanted to say that I think these are a brilliant idea" Rebecca H 3/11/23

"Riding with Visiwhip cars and lorries slowed down more.. an excellent addition to make hacking out safer" Jo H  Oct 23

"My horse was never likely to have a reaction' Beth, and her friend: 'Now that is a ****ing good idea'!
wh.ip in use 2.png

"The Visiwhip certainly gives me the space I want with vehicles on the road.."  P. Fallon Jan 24

"Our trusty steeds were not worried by it in the slightest. It was a windy day too.

We have to negotiate a nasty blind bend on our return to yard and found it useful to stick out in the road to warn drivers of our presence" V Dalton Dec 23

"I love it and it makes a massive difference!" Emma G, Jan 24
"I bought it as a Christmas present for my wife to use when she and my daughter hack down the road. My wife is delighted with it" Craig Donald Jan 24 
craig mother and daughter 24_edited.jpg
whip in use 1.png

" Visiwhip seriously the best purchase ever!! Will post the videos after today’s hack. Desensitised yesterday for my tb, he clearly knows it’s going to be helpful as took to it like a pro! xxxxxx" Emma R Oct 23

whi in use 2.jpg

"Perfect for car drivers and horse riders alike….let’s all look after each other on the roads ..brilliant invention" Jackie B Oct 23

izzy on milo whip_edited.jpg

I"In terms of it making a difference, I genuinely believe it does.  I've still had a couple of idiot drivers take no notice... I doubt anything would have changed their driving. A few rider friends have asked about it so I've also positively recommended and given the details to them.  I'm definitely very pleased I made the purchase; I've not had any problems with it"- Jonathan Broad Jan 24

Izzy, creator Heather's daughter and chief VisiWhip logo designer, on Milo
screenshot of word cloud.png

This is a word cloud extracted from Facebook mentions on Visiwhip in October 2023- the bigger the word the more it was said (e.g. GREAT IDEA was said 103 Visiwhip comments!)

" It got peoples attention- very pleased with my purchase" Kate G Oct 23

Heather on her way back to the yard after a lovely (mainly off-road!) hack
Izzy on Milo, Sam on Rome (our yard sharer), and Heather on her Horse of a lifetime, Smarty
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