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Oct 23:  BBC picks up Visiwhip story:


Nov 23 : Your Horse Live magazine publishes story on the product saving lives; 

It all started by accident!

One day, there was a middle-aged lady who bought a longer hacking stick and forgot to take the tag off the thin end. Off she went hacking her Irish Sports Horse on the local B-road, and to her surprise she noticed all the cars were giving her a wide berth….

'Oh..' (she realised) ...'its because the white tag is down at windscreen level' ... 'Hmmmmmm'… (she thought)…and the seeds for VisiWhip were sewn.....


Hello, I’m Heather, the Creator and Founder of VisiWhip. 

I’ve been riding for over fifty years, mostly hacking, because we didn't (and still don't) have any other facilities, and of course, I LOVE hacking.

As a youngster I rode out on the older horses on the outside of my mum who was on her home-bred youngsters; I was instructed to 'ride into the middle of the road!'  if someone did not slow down. It seems like a bit of a high stakes gamble when I think back!

There is no doubt the roads are getting worse, and when I got the idea of creating a type of 'driver-awareness' flag, I was determined to design a practical solution to a very serious issue. 

I am TOTALLY convinced that the VisiWhip has made me safer hacking out . Passing cars UNDOUBTEDLY slow down and pass wider when I am using it. 

I have had drivers pull over and say what a good idea it is and ask where they can get one from. I have also had pedestrians comment on what a good idea it is. Every rider I have met out hacking asks where they can get one. I am SO excited to now share it with the horsey world!

We are continually looking at how we can improve the VisiWhip and keen to develop other equine safety products which is why we’d love to hear from you and what you think about the VisiWhip. If you have any feedback or have any questions please get in touch.

VisiWhip is a Patented Product. 

We are proud it is designed and manufactured in Britain.

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